1. No hacking, cheating, exploiting, or racism.

2. This is a SOLO ONLY server. There are no alliances with other players allowed. Trading is allowed, but you cannot work together to raid another player. Anything that requires authorization is locked to a max of 1 player (TC’s, code locks, etc.)

3. No taking over bases or hardcore griefing. Hardcore means walling off a TC, foundation wiping, etc. Don’t be a dick, help the server grow. 

4. If you suspect a player is hacking, notify an admin in discord. Do NOT accuse them in public chat as they could toggle off knowing an admin is watching. 

5. Respect Staff decisions, they work for the greater good of the server. NOT a single player’s interests. 

Wipe Information: 
Last wipe: 10/17/2019
Next wipe: 10/31/2019

*blueprints will not wipe until 12/5*

Players Online: /